Dariah.lab and Dariah Inspire presentation at TRIPLE 2023 conference

February 9, 2023

TRIPLE 2023 conference was held in Bonn on February 1-3, 2023. TRIPLE (Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked Interdisciplinary Exploration) is a European project that develops a multilingual GoTriple platform for searching scientific information (publications, projects or data) in the humanities and social sciences, since 2019.

During a poster session, Dr. Tomasz Hoffmann (PSNC) and Marta Blaszczyńska (IBL PAN) presented Dariah.lab and Dariah Inspire – platform for sharing knowledge about projects, tools, people and institutions working on Dariah.lab or related to digital humanities (Dariah.lab: Interdisciplinary Collaboration of Humanities and Technology). They also took part in a panel discussion on interdisciplinary cooperation between humanists and IT specialists in large infrastructure projects. The discussion prompted the participants to share their experiences, challenges and methods adopted in joint work.  It also allowed them to learn about problems and solutions encountered by other teams in similar projects.

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