Source Laboratory Meeting at the Institute of Art

February 20, 2023

On February 1, 2023, a meeting dedicated to tools and services created by the Institute of Art teams took place at the headquarters of the Institute in Warsaw. The meeting was attended by the coordinators of the Source Laboratory: Maciej Głowiak and Dominik Purchała. On behalf of the Institute dr Dorota Piramidowicz and dr Agata Lipczik presented the status of the DARIAH-PL project activities and the infrastructure purchases made.

Dr Jacek Jackowski presented MobiLab – a mobile sound and image laboratory which enables recording of artistic events and acquisition of regional folk music content as part of cultural and ethnomusicological field research throughout Poland. MobiLab equipment includes high-quality microphones of various types, cameras, recorders, disks, complete cabling, and a computer with software for reconstructing and mastering sound recordings. MobiLab has already started its mission at the end of 2022.

Maciej Królikowski, Magdalena Bill-Kunce oraz Anna Rutkowska during recording of Andrzeja Klejzerowicza from Ciechanowiec, photo by Piotr Jamski, Winna-Poświętna 09-12-2022

In the Sources Laboratory, the Institute will also make available two valuable resources.

Catalog of Monuments of Art in Poland”, presented by dr Marcin Zgliński, will include digital versions of approximately 200 volumes of a series published since 1951. It is based on an inventory of all art monuments outside museums and private collections (architecture and movable equipment) and is an intermediate form between a detailed topographical inventory and a catalogue. The repository will enable a search through the digitized and verified content  from all published volumes.

“Unique Visual Materials for the Study of the Cultural Heritage of Judaism in the Former Poland“, presented by dr Piotr Lasek, is a collection of materials documenting  presence of Jews in Poland. It includes photographic and drawing documentation, created before the Second World War, produced by Polish organizations and institutions involved in the protection and inventory of art monuments (Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zabytkami Przeszłości, Wydział Zabytków Towarzystwa Straży Kresowej, Centralne Biuro Inwentaryzacji Zabytków Sztuki, urzędy okręgowych konserwatorów zabytków). The entire resource will be digitized and made available online.

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