Philological Hub

Philological Hub

AMU Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology

The focus of the Philological Hub, coordinated by Professor Miroslaw Wobalis, is on the development of tools for literary and linguistic research. Among other things, the module provides tools for deep source analysis, mapping and visualizing literary works, or creating and researching electronic literature. In the area of source acquisition, approx. 10,000 pages of “Kaliszanin,” a periodical published in the 19th century in the Russian partition and previously available only in small portions, have been digitized, processed and deposited in a secure repository.

What can the tools be used for?
  • deep analysis of sources
  • mapping and visualization of traditional and electronic forms of literary works (the Researcher’s Digital Desk enables free module configuration and setting up cooperating teams)
  • creating and researching electronic literature (INKAH – a multi-functional application for creating e-literature with a research module providing access to user activity)
  • making recommendations for and supporting research methodology, including supporting digital research on texts from different periods
  • data import, image-to-text conversion, automatic and manual revision of the material, diachronic normalization, adding a semantic layer to the text, automatic and manual annotation, visualization of the outcome of text or corpora analysis
Currently available digitalized source material
  • 10,000 pages from “Kaliszanin”, a periodical published in the Russian-occupied part of Poland in the 19th century
  • 990 theatre posters from years 1887 to 1935
  • “Phraseology Corpus of the Polish Language” (archive of Professor Stanisław Bąba)

Name and contact details of the module coordinator
Associate Professor Mirosław Wobalis (

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