DARIAH-PL listed as a Time Machine project

August 30, 2021

Time Machine Organization conducts extensive activities to support protection, preservation, restoration and promotion of the European cultural heritage using modern technologies and digital infrastructures. Their goal is to create the Big Data of the Past, a vast distributed digital information system mapping the social, cultural and geographical evolution of Europe throughout history, which will be a living social and economic resource. It will include miles of archives, museum and other geo-historical collections. The TMO builds on the Europe’s unique strengths: its long history, multilingualism and multiculturalism.

One of the main pillars of the Time Machine program and the vision of Big Data of the Past is the joint collection of resources made available by individuals and institutions that participate in projects constituting so called Local Time Machines, carried out in various European countries. A Local Time Machine is a geographical area (city, site, region) where a number of activities are carried out in order to reconstruct its past.

The DARIAH-PL project activities aimed at using technological advances to build Dariah.lab which is a distributed digital information infrastructure to support the preservation, sharing and use of our cultural heritage, are aligned with the objectives of the TMO. Thus, the DARIAH-PL project has become one of the Time Machine projects and another step leading to the creation of our local Time Machine

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