Data Journey Through the DARIAH-PL e-infrastructure

May 24, 2022

During the Annual Event in 2021 we have introduced the DARIAH-PL project to the community. This year we want to continue the story by describing Dariah.lab components and presenting how they are used to implement innovative research scenarios identified in the project.

Our presentation has a form of a story about data and its journey through the Dariah.lab e-infrastructure. We focus on data, because it is one of the most important assets in many DARIAH-PL research scenarios. The concept of a journey helps us to deliver an easy to follow story about complex processing pipelines implemented in the e-infrastructure.

Data is created, identified, exposed, enriched, interlinked, analyzed and visualized by various Dariah.lab components. These stages of data processing correspond to the steps of various research scenarios and at the same time determine the data’s journey through the e-infrastructure. In order to illustrate that processes we use an analogy to traveling from one place to another, with data being processed at each stop and with the final destination representing the desired outcome.

There are stages of the journey that are common for all data, even though they may be implemented in different ways for various data types. There are also components that are dedicated to specific types of data. Our presentation will cover these aspects by explaining how specific laboratories of the Dariah.lab e-infrastructure contribute to creation, enrichment or delivery of high quality FAIR-enabled data.

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