Dariah.lab at TNC 2022

June 22, 2022

DARIAH-PL project was presented at this year TCN, the largest and the most prestigious research and education networking conference. The conference 37th edition took place in Trieste, Italy on 13-17 June as the first face-to-face TNC event  in three years. It was attended by 735 participants from 69 countries and followed by more than 500 on-line.

Dariah.lab infrastructure was presented during session entitled “From Space to the Ocean Bed” as one of the three infrastructure solutions supporting research with high-end technology. Maciej Głowiak from PSNC  introduced our project and the infrastructure to the TNC community and described a number of the Source Laboratory components which will be available to support data acquisition and processing for various areas of the digital arts and humanities research.

The science-enabling instruments will include devices such as georadars (using the phenomenon of reflection of impulses on the boundaries of layers with different physical properties), LIDAR (used for measurement of distance by illuminating the target with laser light), spectrometers, magnetometers, 8K, 360°, 3D and plenoptic cameras (recording not only the intensity but also directions of light propagation), multi-channel and ambisonic sound recording equipment (omnidirectional sound recording with the location of the sound source in relation to the microphone), motion capture systems (recording the movement of objects for transformation into 3D form), and advanced photo cameras.

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